The Me That No One Knows
Danielle, Age 14, Bloomfield, NJ

I am small but tall-minded.
I wonder if my life will be as exciting as the stories I delve into.
I hear war cries and love songs.
I see battlefields.
I want to live safe in the extremities.
I am small but tall-minded.

I pretend to be gentle.
I feel broken but whole.
I touch the spirits of those gone from this world that doesn't exist.
I worry my life will be pointless.
I cry for my family, broken but whole.
I am small but tall-minded.

I understand why pain must be.
I say the truth when others don't.
I dream of being important.
I try to be myself, even though I'm pushed to be a lot more.
I hope the end is not the end.
I am small but tall-minded.

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