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Dan Gutman. The Million Dollar Putt
Hyperion Books  $21.99  ISBN 0-7868-3641-5  169 pg.

Reviewed by Todd, Age 12

Birdie: Whatís it like to be blind?  Ohmygod, Iím sorry.  I wasnít supposed to ask that.  You donít like it when people ask you that, do you?

Me:  You? You mean blind people?  Like weíre all one person?  Some of us do.  Some of us donít.   How did you know what I like or donít like?

Birdie:  You made a face when I asked you what itís like to be blind.

Me:  Itís just I get asked that question a lot.  What would you say if people constantly asked you what itís like to see?

Edward Bogard may be blind but he can golf really well.  He finds out he has a natural swing for golf when some of his classmates take him to the driving range and Edward drives the ball as far as Hunter, which was 200 yards.  Hunter gets mad and signs Edward and himself up for a tournament without Edward even knowing about it.  The prize for the tournament winner is one million dollars.

Meet Birdie Andrews, next door neighbor, and now his best friend and golf coach.  Will Edward win the million dollars with the help of Birdie?

Dan Gutman creates a wildly funny book about a blind boy and his next door neighborís adventure.  Dan Gutman has written many other books such as The Million Dollar Shot, The Million Dollar GoalMillion Dollar Strike, and The Million Dollar Kick, also the Funny Boy Books and Virtually Perfect.  I hope to read another one of his books.

After the first page I knew this was going to be a good book because of all the descriptions and all the jokes.  On just abut every page there seemed to be a blind joke.  I recommend this book from ages 9-12.

I thought this book was so funny, I give The Million Dollar Putt five out of five stars.


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