My Face
Amber, Age 13, Cullman, AL

Under the hooded cloak,
I wait.
You tell me,
To reveal my face.

I look at you and ask,
“What face?”
You look shocked,
You peer into the hood,
Looking for the place,
Where my face should be.

My face,
Is not one seen,
By mortals clean.
My face,
Is that of deadly truth,
And even deadlier lies.

Truth untold,
Lies left to hold.
Live your life,
Learn to strive.

You see that
Underneath the hood is only black.
The truth you sought
Wasn’t what you thought.

The wind blows;
The hood comes off.
My shows,
Is that enough?

Black curls blow
In the rough wind.
Feline eyes stare out,
From a face as white as pearls.

Beneath the Black Hood,
Truth is shown.
But now that it’s off,
The truth is now known.

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