Sarah's Stars

Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout. Now Starring Vivien Leigh Reid: Diva in Training
St. Martinís Griffin  $13.95  ISBN-0-312-33839-2  242pg.

Reviewed by
Aleen, Age 12

I am trapped in a moving vehicle with a madwoman-a madwoman who claims to be my mother, although itís never been proven through genetic testing.

Vivien Leigh Reid decides to spend a summer with her mother in Los Angeles but soon after arriving, Vivien is already regretting her choice.  While her mother is embarrassing her in front of, well, everyone, Vivien is planning her trip home.  Vivien, more commonly known as Leigh, begins a class at an acting school and is faced with the many challenges of being the new kid, such as being a prime target for the class bullies.  Leigh befriends Karis, a quiet girl whose mother is a famous movie star.  After watching their mothers the two friends quickly make a pact that when theyíre famous they wonít act like high-strung divas.  But when Leigh gets a part on Diamond Heights, a popular soap opera on television, she is suddenly thrown into the world of show business where scripts are changed last minute and even the most solid person can get thrown off balance.  Leigh quickly turns into someone she vowed never to be.  Will she be able to fix her mistake before it is too late?

I enjoyed reading this novel.  The interesting plot combines life lessons such as remaining loyal to your friends with a fantastic tale and produces a fun filled book.  I could barely put the novel down, and I stayed up later than I was supposed to many times to find out what would happen next to the fascinating Vivien Leigh Reid.  The characters, although a little larger than life, had many flaws which made them believable and easy to connect with.  Leigh went through a relatively normal childhood and her main worries are rooted in a huge mole on her face.  She is also affected by publicity and her wild daydreams are not unlike any of mine.  I recommend this entertaining novel to girls eleven and up.

I rate Now Starring Vivien Leigh Reid: Diva in Training four stars.


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