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Norah McClintock. Password: Murder
Scholastic  $6.99  ISBN 0-439-94764-2  204 pg.

Reviewed by Mathew, Age 12

When Hardy finally receives his learners permit to learn how to drive, he persuades his father to let him drive him home.  Instead of going straight home however, his father asks him to drive him out to his business partner, C.J.’s house first. On the way there however, a semi carrying steel pipes overturns on the street in front of them, killing Hardy’s dad and injuring Hardy.  Finally recovering from his severe head injury, he gets home to find out that his mom, Gert, has married C.J.!  A few weeks later, while Hardy’s mom and step-dad are out at a movie, he sees his real dad for the first time since the accident.  He looks ghastly, and moans, ‘Murdered. I was murdered.’  As quickly as it had come, it vanished.  Hardy told C.J., who told him that it was all just an accident.  Hardy keeps looking into the accident, and finds some new facts that might prove that it was a murder.  Will Hardy be able to find out who his dad’s murderer is?

Password: Murder was written by Norah McClintock.  She is a mystery fiction author for teens, and has won the Arthur Ellis Award for Crime Fiction five times.  In my view, she is a fantastic writer who makes mystery-writing seem as if it is happening to you.  She also describes all of the characters‚ feelings, and especially what they think or know about most situations.

I would recommend Password: Murder for people over 14, because even though I am 12, I didn’t quite understand all of the injuries inflicted on Hardy, the main character.  Other than that, I really liked reading this book because it was always moving, and it just showed me what could happen as a result of a short accident.

I give Password: Murder 4 stars.


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