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Majane Satrapi. Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood
Pantheon Books  $16.95  ISBN 0-375-71457-X  154 pg.

Reviewed by Melissa, Age 13

A time veiled by darkness and shattered by crimson tears. A time filled with suspense and constant pain. A time that was real, illuminated in the form of black and white comic strips.

Through the eyes of a real person, life was not the best for Satrapi. From age six she had been a dreamer. Although suffering was all around her, with the fall of Shah’s regime, the rise of the Islamic revolution and the complete shock of war, she kept close to her family. As an only child, her life wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t horrible either. As stories of torture started to circulate, and stories of death, will she be able to live like a normal child? This graphic memoir, Persepolis, will show you!

Brilliant!  This novel brought to me the awful truth of Tehran’s history. In all truth, I can hardly believe what was done to these people. The words were cruel and the pictures played along. It was beautiful. A book that can bring a tear to your eye and a glow to your heart, it was a great book for me because when Satrapi was fourteen years old all she wanted was to be independent and to have all the latest trends. Anything a normal teenager would strive for. She had fights with her parents and gallons of love from her friends. She reminded me so much of myself that it made me laugh out loud. She is a character that you will find hard not to get attached to. A stubborn and outspoken youth, Satrapi is a loveable girl living in Tehran.

The mutiny behind the cover is a huge shock. It is enough so for me to say that thirteen years and older are recommended for this delectable addition to literature. The evil words against poor Satrapi and her family are captions to be burned into your brain. The illustrations are wicked! I liked the change from other graphic novels. The type of sketching really grabbed me.

Drum-roll, please - five out of five stars! I fear I have done injustice to Persepolis by even trying to write a review. However, it was a great graphic novel and it won’t be forgotten.


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