The Death of Pete the Cat
George, Age 13, Windsor, ON

Sadly, on October 9, our dear friend, Pete Meowser the cat, passed away. This is a poem we made for him.

Pete was a nice cat.
He was soft and warm.
He loved to torture dogs
Which, back then, was the norm.

He called all dogs ugly,
Disgusting, slobbery, too.
Rusting our nations fire hydrants
Is what they like to do.

He hated chasing mice.
Drinking milk was not his thing.
If you needed some advice,
Just give old Pete a ring.

He told stories about many cats,
From the past until right now.
Like Cleocatra, Cat Kong,
Saint Catrick and Bruce Meow.

He loved life and hated spiders,
Although hed never beat em.
His hobby was chasing mailmen,
If he caught one, he would eat em.

He loved Poker, Crazy 8s,
He hated books and cheese.
Our very dear friend has past away.
Old Pete, just rest in peace.

We love you, Pete. Well always remember you.

Father of Garfield. Father-in-law to Darlene.
Grandfather to Felix the Cat.
Brother of Pink Panther, Tigger, and predeceased Mufasa and Scar.
Uncle to Simba.
Dear friends of Rajah and Bagheera.
Husband to Catricia Meowser.

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