Rebecca's Adventure
Andrea, Age 12, Vernon, BC

Rebecca Becca was an ordinary girl, who was on her way to Nova Scotia from Ontario by airplane. She was visiting her great aunt’s niece’s roommate’s friend’s uncle. He was a very good friend to Rebecca and her family. His name was Bobba Lewinsky.

Rebecca was at the airport ready with her suitcase and everything, when they called the boarding of the plane. Rebecca and her mom got searched and then they boarded the plane.  Rebecca was a brave girl so she wasn’t scared. They took their seats and waited. And waited. Rebecca heard the engines of the plane start, and she looked out the window to see that they were in fact moving. Finally after a circle of the runway they took off.

Now the pilots didn’t board the plane however, and instead two fake pilots named Joe Doodo and Carl Junkie boarded. That’s not very good seeing how they both are kind of dumb and don’t know anything about flying a plane, (or just very little, for they got the plane in the air.)

“So Carl,” said Joe, “how high do you think we have to go up?”

“Umm, pretty far I think.” Replied Carl, “I’ll control how far we go up, for I am an expert at that.”

Carl took hold of the wheel and pulled down as hard as he could. The plane shot up and the stewardess who was handing out peanuts lost her balance and landed on the floor.

“Uh, Carl, I think that might be a little too high!” exclaimed Joe.

“No, no. Trust me, I am a good flyer and this is how it should be.” answered Carl in a calm voice.

Now if you have ever been in a plane you will know that after it reaches a certain height, it will even out and be horizontal. Well, that never happened. It just kept on going up and up. By now Joe was convinced that Carl was doing it right so they broke out the donuts and started reading comics. The plane went through some turbulence. Bad turbulence that  knocked the pilots right out of their seats. Carl hit the dashboard and Joe was flung back and hit the wall behind them. They were both knocked unconscious.

Meanwhile, Rebecca was very concerned, she knew something was wrong. She looked out the window to see, not clouds around the plane, but stars! She ran across to the other side of the plane, jumping on the laps of the old people that were sitting there and lifting the shutter of the window. Out she looked to find the moon, big as ever. Rebecca was stunned. Same with everybody who had just looked out their window, which was everybody. People started freaking out, screaming, not knowing that in the cockpit were two unconscious pilots. Rebecca was not scared, but infuriated at how the pilots were doing a horrible job. She was so angry, that she marched down the aisle, pushing her way passed the hyperventilating stewardess and into the cockpit.  She barged through the doors and what she saw was bad. Both of the fake pilots were bleeding from the head. She realized that the plane was still going up and that the moon was even closer then before. Rebecca was shocked, but she knew what she had to do. She would fly the plane back to earth and land it. She sat in the pilots seat and flicked on the ‘fasten your seat belts’ button. She took hold of the wheel and pulled it to the right as hard as she could and the plane went jerking to the left. As she turned the plane she saw the moon. If she had waited another ten minutes they would have hit it. As they were heading straight towards earth, she went on the intercom thingy and said:

“The plane is coming back to earth and I, Rebecca Becca am flying the plane.”

There was no response. Obviously they were too far from earth to get radio waves. She knew that the crowd was freaking out, so she decided to go on the intercom, to try and calm everybody down. Then she thought, "if a little girl is flying a plane, wouldn't that freak them out more?"

She disguised her voice to be a man's (even though it didn't really sound like it) and went on the intercom.

"Hello passengers, this is your pilot and sorry for the... um... delay. We are heading back to Earth now."

Rebecca wasn't sure if the 'heading back to earth' was a good thing to say. Anyways, the plane, instead of going up and up and up like it was before, now it was going down.

The stewardess came barging into the cockpit.

"What do you think you're doing?" she demanded.

"I am flying us back to Earth. In case you didn't notice our two pilots are unconscious and the plane was going to hit the moon!" replied Rebecca.

The angry stewardess looked from Rebecca to the unconscious pilots and screamed. She attended to them, checking their pulses and making sure they were breathing. Rebecca continued to fly the plane.

They were close to earth now. Now they were in the clouds. Rebecca had to pull up so that they were straight. She tried to contact the airport. It worked! They gave her directions and she followed them. Everything from where to go, to how to lower the wheels. She and the stewardess landed the plane at the airport! Rebecca got off with all the passengers.  The pilots that were originally supposed to fly the plane were so glad that everyone got down safely and especially thanked Rebecca Becca. She won a prize for being the bravest passenger on a plane and was honored around the country.

The pilots who got on the plane were arrested and put in prison for three years and banned from the airports of Canada.

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