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Jay Hosler. The Sandwalk Adventures
Active Synapse  US$20.00  ISBN 0-9677255-1-8  128  pg.

Reviewed by Meghan, Age 14

Although the concept is fantastic (Charles Darwin talking to follicle mites in his left eyebrow!) the story is fascinating! Through the questions of Mara (the follicle mite) and Darwin's answers, we learn about survival of the fittest, natural selection, evolution and a whole lot more. Mara also learns a whole lot about what she believes in and what it means to really believe, even when you don't have proof.

The story is excellent and you can't help but smile as you read it. It's amusing (Darwin hearing voices from his eyebrow!), and at times rather mind-boggling (we can all relate to Mara as she tries to puzzle through Darwin's explanations of life), but at the same time it's straight-forward and very educational. The pictures match the story, they're clear and simple (although you can tell that the appearances of Mara and the other follicle mites are not quite so realistic) and they add to the humour and meaning of the story. It's very well organized and a lot of fun to read!

The Sandwalk Adventures is not your average comic book. It's definitely weird, but really interesting at the same time. Jay Hosler is an amazing author, he knows so much and is able to explain really complicated ideas very simply. I learned a lot by reading The Sandwalk Adventures and I think that most other people will enjoy it too.

I would recommend it for teens (13) and up. I think that some adults (especially science-oriented ones) would really enjoy this creative, whimsical tale. I certainly did!

I would give The Sandwalk Adventures five shining stars out of five.


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