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Dan Greenburg. Secrets of Dripping Fang series: Books 1 – 4
Harcourt  $11.95 US  ISBN 0-15-205457-X  130 pg.

Reviewed by Ariana, Age 9

If you are someone who enjoys reading about somewhat depressing and tragic stories of other people’s lives, you, and probably everyone else, will enjoy reading the Secrets of Dripping Fang, a new series by Dan Greenburg.

In Book 1, The Onts, Wally and Cheyenne, the Shluffmuffin twins, get adopted by Hedy and Dagmar Mandible, two giant ants who are breeding hundreds of super-larvae in their cellar, which they will eventually use to enslave the human race, and end life on Earth as we know it!  Both are over six feet tall, and have season passes to all Cincinnati Reds games.  4 stars!

In Book 2, Treachery and Betrayal at Jolly Days, Hortense Jolly, the owner of the Jolly Days orphanage where the Shluffmuffins once lived, betrays Wally and Cheyenne by revealing their presence to the mandible sisters!  Then they find out that dad, three years after his tragic Porta Potti accident, is the zombie lumbering around in Dripping Fang Forest!!

In Book 3, The Vampire’s Curse, while they are living at Edgar and Shirley Spydelles’ house, professor Spydelle’s life restoring elixir proves not to be quite perfect yet, as it turns dad from a zombie…into a vampire!!  Plus, the Mandibles were caught snooping outside their bedroom window!

In Book 4, Fall of the house of Mandible, Hortense Jolly finds some advantages to Shirley’s sensitivity, and maybe a chance of getting at least $600 for some disgraceful orphans.  And then the house of Mandible falls in a somewhat tragic fire…

I won’t tell you any more!  You can read the full stories of Wally and Cheyenne’s tragic lives in THE SECRETS OF DRIPPING FANG, BY DAN GRRENBURG!!!!!!!!!

Book I: 4 stars.    ISBN 0-15-205457-X
Book II:  5 stars.    ISBN 0-15-205463-4
Book III: 4 stars.    ISBN 0-15-205469-3
Book IV: 5 stars.    ISBN 0-15-205475-8


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