Sarah's Stars

Lene Kaaberbol. The Serpent Gift
Henry Holt  $23.95  ISBN 0-8050-7770-7  377 pg.

Reviewed by Emma, Age 14

The Serpent Gift is the story of Dina and Davin Shamer, half-brother and half-sister, and their adventures together and apart when their family is wrenched from their home by the dangerous and alluring Sezuan. Sezuan is fluid and clever, and a persistent follower of the Shamer family as they flee across borders and through doors, meeting obstacles as they are faced, always a mere step ahead of their foe and his Gift.

Lene Kaaberbol is a teacher of English and Drama, and a writer and translator of stories who makes her home in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Serpent Gift is the third in her exciting Shamer Chronicles. I recommend this novel to kids ages 11-15, and to fans of Tamora Pierce.

This book is about choices, and the power of oneself. It is about finding the balance between who you are, and who you wish to be, and uncovering all the pieces of yourself to reveal the real you. It covers magic and persuasion, and the different ways in which a person can choose live their life. The Serpent Gift is smooth, vivid, and unique, full of colourful characters and the fanciful embroideries of finesse and flair.


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