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David Lee Stone. The Shadewell Shenanigans
Hyperion  $22.99  ISBN 0-7868-3795-0  308 pg.

Reviewed by
Jordan, Age 12

A line of figures appeared between the trees. Several were staggering around in the daze of the living dead, while a few leveled long bows from afar. There was a moment of realization before the arrows started up again, exploding all over the wood like rogue fireworks.

Exiled Duke Modeset of Dullitch has set a bounty for Groan Teethgrit and his dwarven friend, Gordo Goldaxe. But first he needs a trap. Before long Gordo and Groan, followed by Groan’s half brother, Gape, find themselves on a journey for, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue,” by the princess of Phlegm on a quest for her love. What she doesn’t know is that the artefacts are fake, and are in the most dangerous parts of Illmoor.

The Shadewell Shenanigans is written by David Lee Stone, and is the third book in the Illmoor Chronicles. The first and second books are called The Ratastrophe Catastrophe and The Yowler Foul-Up. Mr. Stone, now in his early twenties, lives in Ramsgate England. His writing, from what I can see from this novel, is pure genius.

I found no faults in Shadewell Shenanigans. I loved the writing style, and I would say this fantasy book would be perfect for anyone aged 11 and up. This makes me want to go buy the other two books, be cause I have never read them, and I suspect they would be awesome as well.

I give The Shadewell Shenanigans 5 out of 5 stars!


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