Silly Rhyme
Nylaya, Age 9, York, PA

I think it stinks how every time I blink I see pink.
When I wink I shrink and I hate how the sink shrinks!
My head is red! I said. I think you're dead! Sara said when she was eating her bread.
I read about the monsters under your bed! I said to Sara.
Well I have to mop so go chop up some cheese pleas!
But I need to shop until I drop! Sara said.
Well I'll take you shopping if you go hop upstairs
and on top of my dresser there's a floppy eared dog.
I need to see that so can you bring that down with the bumble bee?
Yes I can, but my belly feels like jelly.
First go take a bath because you're really smelly.
And then I'll get you some medicine for that jelly belly!

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