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Todd Dezago and Daniel Quants. Spider-man: Everyday Hero
Marvel  $9.50  ISBN 0-7851-1451-3  92 pg.

Reviewed by M
athew, Age 12

When Spider-man, the world-famous wall-crawler and web-slinger thinks everything has finally calmed down for a little bit, another smorgasbord of villains show up once again to prove his predictions wrong. Starting with The Lizard, Spider-man tricks his boss at the paper into sending him all the way to the Florida Everglades to get pictures of the alligator-like creature.  Then, he has yet another epic battle against his prison escaped foe, the Vulture.  His ‘job’ then takes him to the halls of his own school, were the Living Brain has gone into defense mode and is attacking defenseless students.  He then has an unfortunate tie-in with other superheroes, the Fantastic Four, when he gets too close and the Human Torch gets mad.  Then something goes wrong at the power plant and someone is electrified; the man lives and becomes an electric generator.

Spider-man: Everyday Hero was written by Todd Dezago, and Daniel Quants and illustrated by Mark Brooks, Jonboy Meyers, and Michael O‚Hare.  It is a full-color graphic novel (comic book) that has exciting and very colorful frames with strong, clear plots and problems.  I immensely enjoyed reading Spider-man; Everyday Hero, because both the pictures and text were very clear and I could easily read them, therefore making it a faster read, which I enjoy more when reading graphic novels.  Another reason that I really enjoyed reading this book is because it seemed to get more suspenseful every time I turned a page.  I would recommend Spider-man; Everyday Hero for people over the age of eight because it uses some teenager slang words that I don’t think younger kids would understand.  I would describe this book as a chapter-by-chapter kind of book because of the separate stories inside it.  Overall, I found this book so exciting and suspenseful that I actually read it twice.

I give Spider-man: Everyday Hero 4 stars.


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