Star Wars in Miss Stafford and Nick vs. Darth Vader
Nick, Age 9, Cedar Lake, IN

Lea Stafford is Darth Vader's step daughter. He was on the dark side. Her brother had a different last name: Skywalker! Lea barely knew her brother. Only when they were born. They both grew up. Nick heard the bad news about his sister. He was sad and angry. "I'm going to get her!" he said.

He got his lightsaber and left to find his sister, Lea. He went a long way, traveling for days. He finally found a ship and went on and on. But the man he was working for was his father. He didn't even see who he was working for until one day. That day he had to meet the boss to sign up to be a troop.

"Name?" said Nick.

"Anakin Skywalker," said Darth Vader.

Nick looked up amazed. "Dad!?"

"Nick!?" said Darth Vader in amazement. 

They hugged. Darth Vader offered him a movie and Nick said, "Sure!" They watched the Big Screen 2,000. They watched Looney Tunes. That was an old cartoon. But still it was in color.

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