Sarah's Stars

Pam Withers. Surf Zone
Walrus  $8.95  ISBN 1-55285-718-2  200 pg.

Reviewed by Emma, Age 1

Jake felt his own board lift and shoot forward. In one swift move, he was up, crouched, and hurtling ahead of the rising ridge's shadow. Go, go, go, he heard his brain scream as he tasted the salty spray from the crest just overhead and strummed the solid wall of water with the tips of his fingers.

Jake and Peter have landed summer jobs as junior kayak guides off the coast of Vancouver Island. What could be better? Spending their days messing around with tourists in kayaks, and their time off surfing superb Tofino waves. The situation only improves when a stunning French surfer girl named Valerie joins the tour, and the three get permission to do some scuba diving over the weekend. But no one bargained for the long underwater tunnel that traps them, and time and oxygen are running out...

Pam Withers is the Canadian author of the Take It To The Extreme series, as well as a surfer, kayak instructor, and certified scuba diver. Pam lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband and son, and is also the author of Camp Wild and Breathless.

I recommend Surf Zone to kids in grades 3-6. Read this book on your summer holidays, or on a long car ride. Surf Zone is action-packed and fun, surprising and descriptive, with lots of information about surfing, scuba diving and the Canadian West coast environment. This book is not particularly well-written: it is missing the complex and balanced plot, and well-placed subtleties that I had come to take for granted, but is still worth the read for anyone interested in this sort of sporty-scientific genre.


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