Trading Lives
Kukiiyaut, Age 15, Baker Lake, NU

There once was a girl who wondered about the life every one lives. She was not content to just live her own life but she wanted to live others.

'Who will trade lives with me?' the girl asked her four best friends but all answered
'no, we will not trade our lives with you, our lives are too different.'

So the little girl went off to find her mother in order to find out what she will say.

'Will you trade lives with me, mother?'  asked the girl.

'No I will not' replied the mother,  'my life is too complicated.'

So the little girl went off to find her father to see if he would. He enjoyed her point of view on all things. 'Of course my father will trade lives with me!' she said strongly to herself.

She found her father in the garage working on the car that broke down again.

'Father will YOU trade lives with me?'

'No' said the father to his daughter  'my life is too hard for you.'

So the little girl left the house sulking. The little girl went to the park three roads down. She sat on the park bench and threw crumbs to the pigeons and didn't even notice a stranger come up and said 'I will trade lives with you, little girl, for I am a criminal and I need to hide from everyone...even you. I know that you tried to trade lives with your four best friends but they declined, I know that you tried to get your mother to trade lives but she refused, and I know that you tried to trade lives with your father but he was determined to stay himself. So I ask you, little girl, once again, do you want to trade lives with me?'

The little girl thought hard about what this thief said. It was true that her friends said no to her openness and same with her two parents but that did not mean that she would trade with a complete stranger who said he was a thief!

So the little girl said 'I'll go home to get my things and meet you here tomorrow.' The thief turned around and said that he would come back at 5 in the afternoon and wait for her to come.

After the thief left the little girl ran home to tell her mother but her mother didn't believe her at all! She turned to her father but he did not believe her either! She called her four best friends but they were hurt from the idea that she would go so far to tell a lie to get them to trade lives with her!

'Well I guess no one will believe me...'said the little girl to herself. She decided to keep her own life to herself.

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