Undying, Yet Non-Existing
Amber, Age 13, Cullman, AL

Those who have undying love,
Seem to last forever.
Those with non-existing love,
Dont seem to last at all.

Is this truth?
Or is this lies?
I dont know,
Its left for you to decide.

Its your decision,
Would you lust for someone?
Would become jealous of someone?
Or would you just bring torment down
On others and yourself?

These are all
Very logical questions.
But the real question is;
Could you bring yourself to do these things?

This comes from my diary,
A book full of secrets wanting to come out.
Should I tell you all,
What I do in my spare time?

I live in the darkness
Of stories untold.
I bleed that of blood,
Of thy young and old.

Should thou want to know more,
About the gruesome tale I tell?
I will tell you,
But first you must know thy seven sins.

Wrath that of anger
Envy that of jealousy
Sloth that of laziness
Lust that of seduction
Gluttony that of over eating and vanity
Pride that of being too proud of thyself
Greed that of being selfish and greedy

These sins are that of which I am burdened,
Sent to Hell for my eternal sins.
You wish to know more,
About this tormented mind?

Life is nothing but a fantasy,
That I see only in my best dreams.
Death is nothing but a nightmare,
Something that I cant actually see.

I fear, fear itself,
I live in a world of darkness,
In the alleyways of death, screaming, pain, and blood.
This is the life of the tormented one,
Do you wish to live it?

Steer away from these seven deadly sins,
And make sure you never see them again.
This is my advice,
Take it from a dying soul.
This is my advice,
Dost thou believe that thou should listen to it?

My soul is now fading,
Heed my last words,
For they will be your fate.

This will be the final poem,
By that of so young an age.
These words are your fate, and mine,
Heed them, fear them, and most of all; remember them.

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