Sarah's Stars

Scot Ritchie. Up, Up, and Away
Maple Tree Press  $6.95  ISBN 1-897066-60-0  32 pg.

Reviewed by
Jordan, Age 12

Join Mrs. Greenís class on their adventures around the globe! They stop at twelve exciting sites, but all the kids run away and itís up to you to round them up at each destination. Can you find all 6 kids on each page? Itís up to you to you in this high-flying puzzle book!

Scot Ritchie, a non-fiction writer for kids, has written Up, Up, and Away. The award-winning author has written over 30 kids books, which have been translated into 5 different languages.

I enjoyed looking for the kids in the highly detailed pictures similar to those in the Whereís Waldo? books. The pictures were fun and colourful, and Iím sure anyone would love this book. It gets kids thinking about the world and all of the different cultures and makes them more aware of other countries, not just Canada, USA, and China. Up, up, and Away takes you to 12 different nations, including Bolivia and Egypt.

I give Up, Up, and Away 5 out of 5 stars!


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