Hailey, Age 12, Chilliwack, BC

Waiting for my friends
To come on MSN
Waiting for my mom
To cook me dinner
Waiting for the school bell
So we can go inside
Waiting for the sun to rise

Waiting for my homework
At the end of the day
Waiting for the bus
To take me home
Waiting for my friend
To call me back
Waiting, will it ever end?

Waiting for my brother
At the skate shop
Waiting for the rain
To water the world
Waiting for the moonlight
To put me to sleep
Waiting, what for?

Waiting in line
Endless, endless, line
Waiting in the mall
For someone’s mom to pick us up
Waiting in the bathroom
For two reasons:
For my friend and a stall to be free
Waiting for my turn, to touch the sky
Waiting for my turn to try out this life

Waiting is not so bad

Waiting is all I ever do

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