A Whale Was for Sale
Logan, Age 9, Sumatra, Indonesia

A whale was for sale
for 300 Cail.
“I want that whale for sale!”
said a man named Dale
riding a boat named, “Ale,”
that had a great sail
with a photo of a whale.
The whale
was a male.
Dale sent the whale to Yale.
Speaking to the whale,
he said his name was Dale.
The whale’s great tail
splashed in the hail.
The whale went to a sea called Quail.
He saw a boat called “Zale.”
Dale bought that whale
and traded it for 50 major scales.
Dale traded them for one Killer Whale.
Killer Whale
said to Dale,
“I am Orca Whale.”
Then he ate poor Dale!
The whale was again for sale.
Whale for sale!!!

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