Sarah's Stars

Caroline Rennie Pattison. The Whole, Entire, Complete Truth
Dundurn, ISBN 1-55002-583-X $12.99 220 pg.

Reviewed by
Aleen, Age 12

"You haven’t also forgotten that the old barn is out of bounds, have you?” asked the man.
"No, I never go near the barn,” was her earnest reply.

Sarah is frustrated.  Since her father got a job transfer, she is stuck in the middle of nowhere and has to start high school where she knows no one.  To make matters worse, when she finally does make a friend, Sarah’s father forbids her to go over to the girl’s house!  Sarah finally gets fed up and she disobeys her father’s orders.  At her new friend’s house, the only rule is to not go in the old barn.  Sarah is known to break the rules and when she sneaks into the barn she discovers the shocking truth behind why nobody is allowed in.  Sarah finds a horrifying crime being committed and she figures it is up to her to find out how to stop it.  Will Sarah be able to stop this felony before it is too late?

I enjoyed reading this suspense filled mystery and the book was glued into my hands from start to finish.  I recommend girls from ten to twelve read this tension filled novel.  The exciting story line introduced factual tidbits about the confidentially of police work and stirred them into a delicious story.  The ending holds a delightful and entirely unexpected surprise that will be appreciated by everyone.  The character’s curiosity and mistakes were easy to connect with and Caroline Rennie Pattison made them very believable.  Some parts could have used more challenging vocabulary for the age group, but overall it was a wonderful read.  I rate The Whole, Entire, Complete Truth four stars.

So there we were, inside the forbidden barn, frozen right behind the door that Mr.Braemarie was about to walk through.  Scared to death. Unable to move.  We’d be caught for sure.  That realization was like a starting gun in my head.


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