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Meg Cabot. All-American Girl
HarperTrophy  $9.99  ISBN 0-06-447277-9  398 pg.
Reviewed by Emma, Age 14

Gwen Stefani can get any boy she wants. Well, maybe not ANY boy, but she could probably get the boy I want. Who sadly is my sister's boyfriend. But whatever. And if Gwen chose to wear black every single day, people would just accept it as a sign of her great genius and no one would make ninja comments, like they do about me.

Samantha has problems; her sister, Lucy, is perfect. Her sister's boyfriend, Jack, is even more perfect, but in a different way. Her German teacher hates her, and is giving her a C-minus. This of course has NOTHING to do with her secret business of drawing and selling celebrity portraits in class. This business did not, of course, stay secret. Thanks, Lucy. As punishment, Samantha is being forced to take art lessons. Oh, and did I mention the Pineapple Incident?

Meg Cabot is the American author of All-American Girl. Some of her other work includes The Princess Diaries series, Haunted, Nicola and the Viscount, and Victoria and the Rogue. She is also a ghostwriter, meaning she writes under other names. I recommend All-American Girl to kids (mostly girls) age 10-16.

All-American Girl is a story about a regular teenage outcast, labeled something different by everyone, and never really understood. Samantha's world is well orchestrated and amusing, with many interesting characters. The plot is outrageous, and the tone hilarious, as we see into Samantha's world through her own eyes. From capitalized nouns to Capitol Cookies, from Wite-Out daisies to the White House, Samantha's life is about to take some crazy turns!


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