Hailey, Age 12, Chilliwack, BC

She will remain anonymous, only in this poem
But in my head she roars like a famous fire
Secrets she can’t keep
Friends she changes like underwear
No one matters but herself
She doesn’t think of how her actions will make others feel
She just acts on spur of the moment idiotism
She doesn’t care she doesn’t know
She denies everything and then gets angry when I give her an “example”
She's friends with people I can’t stand
Preppy, flirty girls and sadly she's one of them
She’s not herself, although she’s always got on my nerves
Maybe our friendship is over, maybe it’s just begun
But what about so many Saturdays spent at the mall?
Saturday nights at local hockey games?
Friday night sleepovers?
Intense conversations, silly conversations, serious conversations?
Was it all for nothing? Looks like she just threw it all down the drain
Goodbye, anonymous girl and good luck. Seems like you’ll need it.

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