Sarah's Stars

David Ward.  Beneath the Mask
Scholastic   $6.99  ISBN 0-439-97472-0  202 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

The sequel to Escape the Mask is here, and another adventure with Coriko, Pippa, Tia, Bran, Thief and Feelah is about to begin. If Coriko and Thief resist the enemy, the Spears, they will soon find that their mates will be taken away from them. Yet, if they do adhere and join the Spears, they will see the gore and hardships of becoming a fighter.

Beneath the Mask is exciting; a great read! I loved the way it was written. Actually, I couldnít put it down. The characters were merely introduced in the first book. Their personalities go into more depth in the sequel. Itís easy to follow, and the story line is always exciting, and bursting with passion. Sometimes I forgot completely about real life, and fell into the torment and irresistible love of the plot.

It was a beautiful story, that I recommend for twelve years and older. I am sure even teenagers would find this novel particularly entertaining.

I give you five out of five stars for Beneath the Mask. It was a great short read, and I enjoyed it a lot.


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