Sarah's Stars

Elaine Breault Hammond.  Beyond the Waterfall
Ragweed Press  $7.95  ISBN 0-921556-68-3  198 pg.
Reviewed by Whitney, Age 13

Maggie, I think you're holding out on me! Colleen said in a tense voice, her fist clenching and unclenching as she spoke.

I don't know what you're talking about, Maggie answered, but she couldn't look Colleen in the eye.

They were sitting on the grassy bank beside the Saint John River. Sunlight sparkled on the water as the wide, placid river flowed lazily between green wooded hills. Maggie wished she could enjoy the serenity of the day, but she was upset by Colleen's accusations.

Maggie is back in the second time-travel adventure, once again on PEI for the summer, this time, with her friend Colleen. One day Colleen and Maggie decide to go for a hike while Maggie's Aunt Kate catches up on some reading. The hike is up a mountainous forest area to this beautiful waterfall. After Maggie goes behind the waterfall to take a look, she feels herself being swished around in a familiar way. All of a sudden she finds herself in the Canadian Prairie of the 1890's. But Colleen isn't with her! Maggie is soon mistaken for another girl and is now part of a pioneer family! There she goes to school, does daily chores, and helps look after the family's animals. Will Maggie get back this time?

Beyond the Waterfall, written by Elaine Breault Hammond, is the sequel to The Secret Under the Whirlpool. Hammond enjoys writing a lot. This book is also part of a series. I can't wait to read the third book, Explosion at Dawson Creek.

Beyond the Waterfall is a great book for younger readers. I recommend it and the rest of the series for kids ages 9-16, being suitable for a range of ages. I really liked this book, and if possible, more that the first book. The descriptions were great, and being able to learn about the life of a pioneer, was really exciting. Overall this book was very, very good.

I give Beyond the Waterfall 5 out of 5 stars.


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