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Maxine Trottier.  Our Canadian Flag
Scholastic  $6.99  ISBN 0-439-95687-0  31 pg.
Reviewed by Mathew, Age 12

Did you know that Canada was once claimed for England, then France and finally Britain?  Or that there are nine different types of maple trees that are all native to Canada?  Or even that the daughter of a government worker, an inexperienced seamstress, made the first prototype for the Canadian flag?  These and many more similar questions are answered in this interesting but informative book.

Our Canadian Flag was written by Maxine Trottier, and illustrated by Brian Deines.  Maxine writes children books, including Laura: A Childhood Tale of Laura Secord, and Claire’s Gift, which won the Mr. Christie’s Book Award. 

Brian Deines, the illustrator, has done work in many books that include Dragonfly Kites, and Prairie Summer.  I believe that their writing and artwork matches perfectly together, allowing the reader a chance to receive a second hand experience of what actually took place in the past.

I would recommend this book for all children, teens, and adults because it isn’t only a short story, but also the little information boxes near the bottom of each page explains what exactly happened or what someone said in order to make it happen.  I really liked reading this book because it was quite short, but it seemed to overflow with information.  Another reason I enjoyed reading this book is because of the illustrations.  They are absolutely phenomenal!  Although the style may look slightly blurry, they are extremely unique and colourful.

I give Our Canadian Flag 4 stars.


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