Sarah's Stars

Roy MacGregor.  The Complete Screech Owls Volume Two
McClelland & Stewart  $19.99   ISBN 0-7710-5486-6  426 pg.
Reviewed by Mathew, Age 12

“Duck down,” Dmitri translated. He pushed Slava and Sarah down over the other two. 

A heavy blanket flew over from the front seat, covering them.

The blinding flashes in Travis’s head gave way to darkness.

First, Travis and his team travel to Sweden. They meet up with Slava, Dmitri’s cousin, who was considered to be the best pewee hockey player in all of Russia.  Soon after they arrive, they are kidnapped and taken to an old, abandoned castle.  Then, while in Florida, they discover a body and are forced to run from a group of terrorists. These and two more stories, similar to this, are just as suspenseful and frightening as anyone has ever imagined.

Roy MacGregor wrote The Complete Screech Owls Volume Two. Some of his other books include; Canoe Lake, Road Games, The Seven A.M. Practice, A Life in the Bush, Escape, The Last Season and A Loonie for Luck.  He now works for the Globe and Mail and lives in Kanata, Ontario.  He is a minor hockey coach but still plays the game himself.

I enjoyed reading this 4 books in one collection so much that after reading it, I turned around and read it again.  I would recommend this book for anybody who enjoys hockey or for anyone who likes a good clear mystery.  When I first received the book, I felt somewhat intimidated by the thickness.  This proved to be no problem, because I read it story by story, and in only a couple of days.

I give The Complete Screech Owls Volume Two 5 out of 5 stars.


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