Sarah's Stars

Elise Broach.  Desert Crossing
Henry Holt  $22.95  ISBN 0-8050-7762-6  274 pg.
Reviewed by Darcy, Age 12

This was supposed to be a fun and uneventful vacation for Lucy, Jamie, and Kit, but boy, were they wrong.  For vacation, Lucy and Jamie Martinez were driving to see their dad, and much to Lucy’s dismay Jamie’s friend Kit decided to accompany them.  One afternoon they were driving through a freak rainstorm in the desert, and they hit something.  Assuming that it was just an animal they keep going, but after some major negotiating Lucy convinces the boys to stop.  When they finally go back, they see not an animal, but a young lady.  Now what will they do, they know now that it wasn’t just an animal, it was a girl, a girl who had a family, a life!

Elise Broach is a terrific writer whose writing is full of suspense and adventure.  You never want to put down the book.  Although it isn’t the best book I have ever read, it is definitely an enjoyable read.  I would recommend it to readers between the ages of 12 and 18.

Desert Crossing deserves a brimming 4 stars.


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