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Rebecca L. Grambo.  Digging Canadian History
Walrus Books  $16.95  ISBN 1-55285-757-3  64 pg.
Reviewed by Patrick, Age 11

Do you know where the Prince of Wales Fort is located? Or where the birthplace of confederation is? Have you ever wondered how Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump got its name? You want to know how you can get the answers to those questions (and maybe an A in socials)? By reading Digging Canadian History.

Rebecca L. Grambo wrote Digging Canadian History. She is an award-winning author who mainly writes non-fiction books for adults and children. You may be able to check out her some of her other titles, which include Digging Canadian Dinosaurs, Lupe: A Wolf Cubís First Year, and Wolf: Legend, Enemy, Icon. Her writing reflects all of the visiting and travelling she has done throughout the world.

I am not the biggest fan of non-fiction books and unfortunately this book didnít change anything. It didnít have enough detailed pictures and some of the illustrations seemed incomplete to me. On the plus side though, I think this was 10 times better than going to a museum. It was filled with more stories than facts. This book brought you to places all over Canada, yet it was contained to only 64 pages. I felt that Canadaís history could be made into a much longer book. Since it was only 64 pages, I think this would be suitable for a reader aged 8 and above. It is a great study tool and as pretty close to an archaeology dig than most people will get.

I give Digging Canadian History 3 stars. 


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