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Mel Malton.  The Drowned Violin
Napoleon Publishing  $9.95  ISBN 1-894917-23-5  163 pg.
Reviewed by Ariana, Age 9

Ziggy and Josée did something complicated with their paddles to bring the canoe closer.  The thing in the water did look dead, as Josée had said, but it wasn’t a beaver or a duck.  In fact, Alan didn’t think it was an animal at all.  It looked oddly familiar.

Alan Nearing and his friends, Josée and Ziggy, are counting on a nice, relaxing summer vacation.  Then they find a broken violin floating in a marshy area near the Weems’s boathouse!  Then, famous violin player, Hugh Pratt, is found unconscious, and his priceless Stradivarius violin stolen!  But the three friends, and their new friend, Monica Weems, are determined to solve the mystery.

I thought The Drowned Violin was interesting and it was the kind of book that you don’t want to put down.  I thought it was a great book – but at some parts it was a little predictable.  (that was just a few places).  Another reason I loved the book is because I love mysteries.  But I think anyone would like it.  The book also has the first chapter of the second book, coming out in 2007, that leaves you wishing time would hurry up!

The Drowned Violin is written for ages 9 and up, and  I rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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