Sarah's Stars

James Lincoln Collier.  The Empty Mirror
Bloomsbury  $8.95  ISBN 1-58234-904-5  192 pg.
Reviewed by Aleen, Age 12

ďYou want to get me killed, donít you?Ē

ďOh and Iím going to, Nick Hodges.  No two ways about it.  Donít you worry yourself on that score.Ē

Strange things are happening in Nick Hodgesí hometown in New England.  A spirit, whom everyone mistakes for Nick, is going around town and vandalizing different buildings.  While growing up, Nick was difficult and now the whole town believes that he is responsible for the attacks.  Only Nick and his best friend Gypsy know the truth but no one is willing to believe them as everyone wants Nick locked up.  The worst of Nickís problems isnít having practically the whole town after him, itís that his reflection is gone and Nick has to battle another soul for his body.  Will Nick be able to save himself and get his reflection back before itís too late?

I enjoyed reading this fast-paced novel stuffed full of mystery.  I recommend this excellent book to children, especially boys, ages eleven and up.  I am sure this book has been threaded with barbwire because it hooked me in so fast I didnít have time to blink.  After I started to read this novel I couldnít stop and I stayed up longer than I was supposed to, to see what would happen next to Nick Hodges.  I could feel empathy towards Nick because everything wasnít all okay; he was an orphan and had to live with Uncle his whole life.  I took pleasure in reading this ghost story, with a delightful mystery tucked inside.  Although this wasnít my preferred style of writing or story line, I rate The Empty Mirror four out of five stars because James Lincoln Collier is such a good writer and he made me want to read more of his books.


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