Sarah's Stars

Kate Thompson.  Fourth World
Bloomsbury  $16.95HC  ISBN 978-1-58234-650  330 pg.
Reviewed by Chelaine, Age 12

I turned around and saw the reason for Claus’s fear. On a deep shelf which ran the whole length of the wall above the door, stood a display of horrors. For a moment I couldn’t take it in; it just looked like a row of huge bottles, filled with some kind of murky fluid. Then I saw what was in them. The results of Maggie’s experiments.

Kate Thompson wrote Fourth World. This novel is book one in the Missing Link Trilogy. Kate does a wonderful job of explaining what everything looks like, and what is happening.

This story has three main characters named Danny, Christie, and Tina. Danny is a fifteen-year-old boy who was always confused or silly. One of the main things he could do really well was hold his breath for up to seven minutes. Christie, another main character was thirteen years old. All he really did was look after his older brother. To him, Danny seemed more like a younger brother, rather than an older one. Tina, the last main character, was a sassy homeless girl who meets Danny and Christie in a small town. Both Tina and the two brothers encounter some talking animals, Darling (a bird), and Oggy (a dog).  Throughout this novel, this group goes up against many surprising adventures.

I would rate this book with four out of five stars. It is a little slow at some parts, but other than that, it is non-stop action and adventure!


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