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Emil Sher. Hanaís Suitcase: On Stage
Second Story Press  $18.95  ISBN 1-897187-05-X  171 pg.
Reviewed by Meghan, Age 14

MAIKO: One-and-a-half-million. Thatís what you told us. One-and-a-half-              million children were killed.

Fumiko nods.

AKIRA: Was Hana the one?

FUMIKO: One what?

AKIRA: One child and half-a-million children. Thatís what you said. One, and a half-million. Was Hana the One?

MAIKO: Itís not one child and a half-a-million children. Itís one million children, and then another half-a-million children.

AKIRA: Oh. (Pause) That means one-and-a-half-million suitcases.

FUMIKO: And we have one of them.

Hanaís Suitcase: Act One

Maiko and Akira are two Japanese children in modern day Japan. They are collecting items that belonged to children for an exhibit called ĎThe Holocaust Seen through Childrenís Eyesí: a sock, a shoe, a sweater and a suitcase. With the help of Fumiko Ishioka, coordinator of the Tokyo Holocaust Center, they set out on a journey to discover what happened to Hana Brady, the small girl who once owned the suitcase.

Retold creatively and tastefully, the story of Hana Brady, Waisenkind, Orphan; a Jewish girl living in World War Two. The play version of this touching story carries the same meaning and feelings that the story did. I only wish I could have gone to Toronto and seen the play, it would have been truly wonderful, and Iím sure that it was just as wonderful as the script.

I really like how theyíve re-released Hanaís Suitcase, with the story and script in one book. Itís really neat to be able to compare the story and the script, the similarities and the differences. I would recommend this special story for children, ages 11 and up. I think children younger might have trouble understanding.

Iíd give Hanaís Suitcase: On Stage five stars out of five.


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