Sarah's Stars

Lili Chartrand.  Taming Horrible Harry
Tundra  $22.95  ISBN 0-88776-772-9  32 pg. 
Reviewed by Taylor, Age 10

In a forest that looks very peaceful there are monsters. Monster birds, monster bugs, monsters everywhere! But of course, they're all hidden. One monster has a horrible roar. His name is Horrible Harry. His job is to scare away all the people that come by. But one day Horrible Harry finds something that will change his life forever.

The illustrator, Roge, drew fascinating pictures with bright colors throughout the book including hidden pictures that keeps the story exciting and makes the reader keep reading. Some monsters are the illustrator's creations and other monsters are what we might think they look like. The author is Lili Chartrand and the story was translated by Susan Ouriou. I suggest this picture book for ages 4-6.

I rate Taming Horrible Harry five out of five.


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