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Kathy Kacer.  Hiding Edith
Second Story Press  $13.95  ISBN 1-897187-06-8  115 pg.
Reviewed by Chelaine, Age 12

The pounding on the door startled Edith out of her deep sleep. She pulled the blankets up to her chin and snuggled closer to Therese on the pullout couch they shared. Maybe the banging was just part of her dream. But seconds later, the pounding returned.

“Open the door,” an angry voice barked.

Kathy Kacer wrote Hiding Edith.  This novel is a true story that took place in WWII. Kathy does a wonderful job of creating a vivid picture in your mind about what is happening.

This story’s main character is an adolescent girl named Edith Schwalb. Edith lives with her family members in the beginning of the story. She has one brother named Gaston, and two parents she calls Mutti and Papa. Edith is a young Jewish girl who has to go into hiding because the Nazis are invading their home. In this novel, Edith is separated from her family and is forced to live in a town called Moissac. Moissac has a house where they let Jewish boys and girls live if they either have to be separated from their parents, or they don’t know where their parents are. In this house, Edith becomes very good friends with Sarah. Together they get through many dangerous adventures and eventually becoming inseparable.

I would rate Hiding Edith with five out of five stars. It is very well written and it tells you what a hard time these Jewish families went through. You really get to understand how these people felt, and how cruel the Nazis were.


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