Inside and Out
Amanda, Age 14, Pinellas Park, FL

On the outside I seem happy
if not at least content
people see me as jovial
but that's not always it

at home
my family views me the same way
it hurts so bad to think
that even they are blinded day by day

I live for my music and friends
instead of going along with the hip new trends

I am very much my own surprise
some things I like, others I despise

I do many things others don't expect
but I say it better
than showing self neglect

I am unique
inside and out
I'm proud to be different
and sometimes I just want to shout!

I don't care what others think
some people even say I should see a shrink

but that's them
and not me
when I get really stressed
I just write along with a beat

I don't do it often
but when I do you'd be surprised
that when most people read them
their eyes tend to open up wide

you wouldn't expect what I can do
purely because it's not
what I normally would do

society is so stereotypical
one look at you
and they know your life story

not with me, you see
I won't let you into my past memories
until you prove that you won't hurt me

I have been hurt many times before
to the point where
it is now even harder to hurt me any more

and that is purely because
now you must work even harder
in order to gain my full trust

I am different
inside and out
if you really want to get to know me
you'd better be ready for a real workout

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