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Terry Griggs. Invisible Ink
Raincoast Books  $12.95  ISBN 1-55192-833-7  257 pg.
Reviewed by Meghan, Age 14

Okay, okay, I’m Alvis, the…doorstop.”

“Did you say doorstop?”

“Don’t sneer! It’s challenging work. Not everybody can do it, smarty. Big shot.”

“I’m not. It sounds very…interesting. So, Alvis. What are you doing here?”

Alvis sighed, and shook his head. “Kids these days,” he muttered. “I am here to stop the door, what else would I be doing?”

“What door?”

“The storm door. Can’t you hear it banging? You don’t want all kinds of creatures getting into your house, do you? Werewolves and whatnot. Ghouls, devil dogs, harpies, vacuum cleaner salesmen.”

“What does the storm door open onto?” Olivier was getting excited. “Where does it lead?”

“To the Dark Woods, of course.”

Olivier’s back at Cat’s Eye Corner for the craziest adventure yet. When Olivier receives a distress call on a shell-phone from Fathom, and is then shortly chased through the storm door by a nasty wind and the strange Professor Blank, he knows something is up in the Dark Woods. Sylvan’s home has been destroyed by a rogue wind and Linnet’s powers have been stolen. Aided (and plagued) by Alvis the Doorstop, Olivier, Murray and their friends are off on another adventure, full of word play, junk and invisible ink.

Terry Griggs triumphs again! Invisible Ink is just as witty and wonderful as the two books preceding it. I haven’t seen a fourth book, but I hope one is coming soon! Once you enter the world of Cat’s Eye Corner, you never want to leave. I would recommend this story, like the other two, for children ages 11 to 14. Both boys and girls (and some adults) will enjoy this zany treasure.

I’d give Invisible Ink five invisible stars.


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