Just Hold On
Elizabeth, Age 15, Riverside, CA

Look at you
with your half smile.
you don't know why
you're even trying,
your future crashing
and all your dreams are smashing.

Just hold on
your future will get better,
Just hold on,
I'll save you from the worse.

Keep the light on
in your mind.
keep your fire inside
low and calm.

I promise everything
will soon work out.
Just keep smiling
and your hopes high.

Let the tears you cry
crash on the ground.
don't scream for attention
and keep your smiles over
your pain.
show happiness.

Just hold on
it'll pass really soon.
Just keep your head
up high where your
smiles light a room.

Just hold on
everything is getting
better - I promise.

Will you smile for me?
don't let your tears come out.
but if so, I'm here for you
to let them out.

I'll cry with you
make sure everything's
all right.

Just hold on
something's got to go right.
please smile for me.

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