The Mother Who Lies
Jaycee, Age 14, Kamloops, BC

My mom tells everyone big lies,
she tells them I am dumb.
Donít make me laugh,
pathetic excuses.
She hits my head in the walls.
I have nightmares all right,
but all are of her hurting me.
I do not sleepwalk either,
she makes me cry in pain,
through the night.

She thinks I am playing in the trees,
but I am trying to escape.
When I trip over the carpet,
she helps me get faster to the ground,
she gives me headaches.
When she is angry,
she pushes me all over the place.
The pain is unbearable,
I have had enough.
She throws me against the fireplace,
letting those ferocious flames
lick at the back of my knees.
Making the fire spit pain throughout my body.
I sit and stare at the fire,
thinking why is she doing this to me.

I write hateful words on to my cast,
that describes how mean she is,
and how it was that she broke my arm.
I have had enough,
I am running away.
No matter how long it takes,
She is not keeping me locked,
and she is not stopping me.
So I am running away,
while she is sleeping.

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