The Magic Trick
Jennifer, Age 10, Quebec, Canada

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Kelly. She loved doing magic tricks. At the end of the week, whoever had the most tokens wins a prize. She said,” I will win a lot of tokens for showing magic tricks." One day she thought of a trick to show at school. It was called, “The Magic Pencil.” The next day, she went to school. She had a led pencil in her pocket.

She went to the teacher and asked," Can I show the class a magic trick?"

Her teacher said yes. The teacher said,” Everyone please listen, Kelly has a magic trick to show you, go ahead Kelly." Kelly took her led pencil and said," I'm going to make the led go in my skin." She made the led come out and she put it on her skin. She pressed on the top part of the led pencil for 5 seconds and the led went back in the led pencil. Kelly said," I'm finished." The teacher said," Is there any questions or comments?" Three students raised their hand. The teacher picked a girl named Sylvie to ask a question or say a comment.

Sylvie said," I have a question, why did you make this magic trick so fake?" Kelly said," I didn't." Kelly was feeling sad. The teacher said," Sylvie be polite." The teacher picked another student named Brad. He said," I have a comment, I know this trick and you didn't perform it properly." Kelly felt even sadder. The teacher said, "Students be polite."

Then a boy named Michael said,” I have a comment, I really liked it, you performed it very well." Kelly said," Thanks...." Then she felt much better. The teacher said," Michael, which was very polite, you get a token. The teacher said," Kelly you get 5 tokens for the wonderful trick you presented." Then Kelly and Michael were talking and Kelly said," Thanks for being so nice to me." Michael said," you're welcome." Kelly thought it was going to be a bad day but it turned out to be a good day!

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