I Am Me
Hailey, Age 12, Chilliwack, BC

I won’t be brought down with you
I am me and I will stand strong
While you all fail I’ll stand back and say, “I’m better than that. I am worth more”
I am me, you are not
Don't try to change my: opinion, clothes or life
I like me the way I am
The people I want in my life, are, if you aren’t, don't wonder why
This is my life, and you just happen to be in it, I make my own choices
I don't mind your input; just don't think I’ll go along with whatever you say
My life is not a soap opera or a drama TV. Show
I’m living in reality, how about you?
Lazy, unmotivated losers I do not need. I will leave you behind as quick as A, B, C
I am me!
You are you and you’ve got to figure it out by yourself—no help here
If you’ve got something positive to contribute, come in, come in
If you’ve got a self to discover, come in, come in
If you’re looking for someone to relate to and survive with, come in, come in
My door is open and my life is developing
Through all the weathers I will be me, why? Because
I am me

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