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Karleen Bradford. The Nine Days Queen
Scholastic  $14.99  ISBN 0-439-96102-5  224 pg.
Reviewed by Meghan, Age 14

"I had to come just once. See you just once more, though I know you are lost to me forever.” His voice broke.

“Oh, Edward. How I wish that matters had not tuned out this way. How I wish…”

Finally Edward moved. He stepped forward and reached out to place his hand over hers on the handrail. “And I, my beloved.” For a long moment neither spoke. Then Jane gathered her strength. “Can you come and sit for a while with me, or must you return immediately?”

“I cannot stay. I cannot risk being discovered here.”

”You can never stay. We have never had enough time…”

For Lady Jane Grey, life in Elizabethan England is harsh. Her father is strict and her mother is abusive. But when her cousin Edward becomes king, life starts looking up. Being a favorite of the king entitles her to better treatment and she falls in love with the very handsome and extremely nice Earl of Hartford, who is the same age as her. Making things even better, Lord Edward is just as in love with her. In the midst of plots, conspiracies and traitors, will Jane and Edward be allowed to marry? Will they be able to survive the treachery and scheming of the evil Robin Dudley? Or will they be separated forever?

Karleen Bradford has done it again! In Nine Days Queen she brings to life an extremely spirited, wonderful heroine, who is plagued by parents and uncles. It’s really very like a teenage drama, forbidden love, overbearing parents, social hierarchies, and the whole shebang. As the story draws to a close it becomes a heart-rending tragedy/romance. I nearly cried reading the last few chapters it was so beautiful.

Whether you’re a history buff or just a romantic teenage girl, Nine Days Queen is the book for you. I would recommend it for girls ages 12 to 15. I highly recommend it and if you liked Nine Days Queen I suggest you try the other Beneath the Crown books as well as The Royal Diaries series, you’ll enjoy them.

I’d give The Nine Days Queen five tearful stars out of five.


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