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Richard Scrimger.  Noses Are Red
Tundra Books  $9.99  ISBN 0-88776-590-4  203 pg.
Reviewed by Patrick, Age 11

He runs pulling me after him by the neck. The dust cloud rises all around us, and the sound is in my ears-once heard, never forgotten-the buzz-saw whine of a million angry enemies. I canít get at them with aluminum construction on my head. I run as fast as I can, considering I can hardly see where Iím going.


Heís back! Alan is on a camping trip with his friend Victor and his momís boyfriend, Christopher Leech, who Alan doesnít like. They are on a path through the forest, when the worst thing happens. They get lost! Alan and Victor frantically search for help and they find it. Unfortunately, itís not the kind of help they were hoping for. You guessed it, Norbert, the alien that lived inside Alanís nose for quite some time, comes to the rescue. This could only mean one thing, more trouble!

Richard Scrimger did it again with this book. He is the author of Nose from Jupiter and Nose for Adventure, previous books Iíve reviewed, this book, Noses are Red, and a book Iím looking forward to reading, Boy from Earth. He has a very creative mind and exceptional writing ability. Nose from Jupiter won him the Mr. Christieís Book Award and Kidís Pick of the Lists Award, but he can add 2 more to that list. I present to him Patrickís ĎSeries of the Yearí and ĎAuthor of the Yearí. Bravo!

Amazing! Fantastic! Awesome! Brilliant! Those are just an increment of the words I said to myself when I read this book. Although, I have to admit I didnít think this book was as good as the first 2 books. Yet, itís still a winner! There were only few parts I did not like in this book. One of them was how I would get into the chapter and the Alan would say he was getting ahead of himself so the whole story took a shift. The other thing was how they added so many characters that only got maybe 25-100 lines about themselves. I would have liked it better if there were a maximum of 4 main characters. It made the story very confusing and hard to follow. This book in my opinion would suit an age group of 10-14 and an outdoorsman.

I would give Noses are Red 4.5 stars, because like I said before, I liked the first two books better.


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