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Dan Greenburg. The Onts
Harcourt Inc.  $11.95  ISBN 0-15-205457-X  130 pg.
Reviewed by Patrick, Age 11

He stretched forward. He couldn’t see either Dagmar or Hedy. And then he heard somebody. Somebody in the bedroom closet. Somebody coming out of the bedroom closet.

It wasn’t Dagmar Mandible.

It wasn’t Hedy Mandible.

It was...

Meet Cheyenne and Wally Shluffmuffin, two orphans staying at the Jolly Days Orphanage. They’re orphans because their father drowned in a Porta Potti and angry bunnies attacked their mother. They’ve had chances to be adopted before but Wally’s feet stink and Cheyenne’s always sneezing. So when two ladies, the Mandible sisters, come to Jolly Days looking for an orphan who’s constantly sneezing and an orphans whose feet stink, they know something’s fishy. Dan Greenburg is the author of The Onts, Book 1 in the Secrets of the Dripping Fangs series. He is the other of the Zack Files, a popular series for kids. He has written 66 books, which have been translated into 20 languages. His writing reflects what he has done throughout his lifetime, working with New York firefights and cops, training tigers, and taken part in voodoo ceremonies.

I must say one of the weirdest books I have ever read. Alas, it tickled my funny bone. It was a very fun book to read. Dan Greenburg creates hilarious, sci-fi, and sometimes scary fiction in this action-packed 130 pages. The story was consistent, sticking to one big problem and not going all over the place. The illustrations in this may have not had any colour but were still up to my standards. The thing that I most loved about this book is its originality and the excitement bursting from each page. I recommend this book for anyone 8 to 14 because it is a quick, nice read and also a page-turner. The Onts sets the stage for the next books in the series. I can‚t wait to read them!

I give The Onts 4.5 stars for its uniqueness and humour.


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