The Post Clone War Chronicles
Joe, Age 12, Cleveland, OH

One day on a clone cruiser called the Chimara a jedi named Mish-mush was taking 3 battalions of clone troopers to a planet called Mon Calamari. Mon Calamari was a planet that was all water except for one area 255 miles long and 360 miles wide.

The Separatists had gathered there. They were led by a person named General Gevous who had been placed in a droid shell by Darth Vader the Dark lord of the Sith. The battle was harsh. The loud sudden screaming of blaster rifles, pistols, and grenades filled the air, until... General Gevous and Mish-mush met in a battle of lightsabers. The battle was long and boring. Gevous swung at his face then his arm then Mish-mush swung at his chest until the droid General lay on the floor dead. Then the real battle started. Darth Vader swung at Mish-Mush and the end of the Jedi had arrived.

When Vader brought the body to Emperor Palpatine Vader was given new armor and a new lightsaber similar to his old one and the empire won the war.

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