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Helaine Becker. Like a Pro
Maple Tree Press  $12.95  ISBN 1-897066-54-6  163 pg.
Reviewed by Ariana, Age 10

Want to know how to do stuff Like a Pro? Well, this great book includes 101 ways to do really important stuff like, say ‘hello’ 10 ways, roast the perfect marshmallow, and decode adult-speak.  It includes tons of activities to do at school, out and about, at home, or anywhere and everywhere!  Plus, you can learn the easy way of how to do stuff that you never knew, just in case!  Get Ready to WOW the world!!

Written by Helaine Becker, this how-to book has everything you need to ‘knock those socks off!’  By reading this one book, learn 101 ways to do 101 really cool things that you just gotta know. With great illustrations by Claudia Dávila, this book, a life survival kit, will make you an expert in almost anything!

I think this is a great book, to learn how to do stuff, but if I wanted to know how to create a website, bake cookies, or thread a needle, I wouldn’t necessarily pick up a book like this to find the answer.  But I might if I wanted to know how to survive on a desert island, prepare for a space mission, or politely and appropriately meet and greet royalty, because you never know, so just in case!

That is why I rate Like a Pro 4 out of 5 stars.


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