Sarah's Stars

Hazel Hutchins.  Sarah and the Magic Science Project
Annick Press  $9.95  ISBN 1-55037-930-5  152 pg.
Reviewed by Whitney, Age 13

On a bright morning in May the lady at the corner grocery store turned Derek Henshaw into a frog.

It happened very quietly. If Sarah and Ben hadnít been in the store looking for spaghetti for their science project, and if they hadnít been watching Derek to see what he was going to steal (he always stole something), no one- except Derek and the woman- would have known what happened.

Sarah and Ben are best friends. But their lifestyles are totally different. Ben lives in a house with a lot of people, and Sarah only lives with a few. One day while at the corner store they see Derek Henshaw get turned into a frog by the store clerk. Sarah gets and idea. She wants to use Anastasia Morningstar (store clerk) as her science project. MAGIC! Will Miss Morningstar help her, or will she say no, and let Sarah get a failing grade?

Hazel Hutchins wrote Sarah and the Magic Science Project. Hutchins has written numerous other books, over 25 to be exact. These include: Skate, Robyn, Skate, The Sidewalk Rescue and The Prince of Tarn. She has also won many awards for her books including the Mr. Christieís Book Award, and the Silver Birch award. Hazel is an excellent writer and I hope she keeps the books coming.

Sarah and the Magic Science Project was a really good book. It was funny, charming and mysterious. It was really far out there, considering all the magic and tricks that could probably never be done in real life, and also considering the fact that she turns people into frogs! But I really liked this book aside from all that weird mumbo-jumbo. I can also relate to this book because she is having trouble with teachers. Been there, done that.

Altogether, this book was a book I would gladly read again.  I give Sarah and the Magic Science Project 4 out of 5 stars.


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