Sarah's Stars

K.E. Manning.  Scrapyard Warriors
Solar Source  $19.95   ISBN 0-9736880-0-9  233 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 14

Five teenagers are having the adventure of a lifetime, as they live among the waste of their former masters. They must find a way to keep themselves alive, and all they have is their own hands and skills.

Linder, Kassi, Dusty, Andy, and Bender are trying to escape the deadly planet that could be their demise. They have become escaped slaves, in the past months on the deserted planet, and they must escape once more, in order to truly be safe.

This novel was great! It combined hilarity with suspense. You are drawn into each characters personality quickly. I liked how they never gave up on a mission that was set for them. The beginning of the novel started something like this:

Scow. Scow. Scow,” came the urgent call in Linder’s earpiece. His heart sank. They were in a bad spot for a scow call.

This immediately intrigued me to read more. The word scow‚ really caught my attention, and I was excited to find out what this expression meant.

I would recommend this book for ages twelve years and up, in fact it’s a great book for all ages. The people and the story line are exciting and charming.

Four out of five stars for Scrapyard Warriors. I took one star off because I almost lost interest in the story, but after a few more pages, it got my attention again.


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