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Lili Chartrand. Taming Horrible Harry
Tundra Books  $22.95   ISBN 0-88776-772-9  32 pg. 
Reviewed by Ariana, Age 10

One afternoon, Horrible Harry sat behind his old oak tree as bored as he could be.  He hadnít had a single visitor since morning.  But then he spied a little girl.  She chose a spot on a rock nearby, sat down, and pulled a book out of her bag. 

Horrible Harry is a mean and dirty monster, who has the job of scaring humans out of the forest where he, and many other monsters live.  But one afternoon, after scaring yet another intruder away, he finds something left behind that changes his life and career; a book.  And this is where his story begins.  A good friend, also the only monster in the forest who knows how to read, shares with Harry her knowledge and the magic and joy brought through storytelling. 

Taming Horrible Harry is a great little book by Lili Chartrand that will ignite young readersí spirits, to help them want to read, learn and share stories more.  The painted pictures, mostly bright colours, show emotion in a way like modern art. In each picture, there are little monsters hiding in sight, and there seems to be something about eyes.  There is even a whole page of just eyes!  The birds have unusual numbers of eyes, and the plants have eyes! 

I thought Taming Horrible Harry was a great book for all ages.  It has a good lesson, and a cute story. 

I rate it 5 out of 5 stars!


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